2021 Acura ILX Price Drop

The 2021 Acura ILX, a compact luxury sedan, aimed to bring a dose of style, comfort, and performance to the table. Here’s what was cookin’ with the 2021 model, based on the info I’ve got up to January 2022.

When it comes to looks, the ILX was all about sleek and stylish design. Acura’s signature diamond pentagon grille and those cool Jewel Eye LED headlights gave it a modern and upscale vibe. You’d definitely turn some heads cruising in this ride.

Inside, you’d find a well-appointed cabin with high-quality materials and comfy seating. It tried to strike a balance between luxury and sportiness, although some critics noted that the cabin design felt a tad dated compared to rivals.

Tech-wise, the ILX came equipped with a dual-screen infotainment system, featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. It did the job, but some folks found it a bit complex, probably because of that dual-screen setup.

Under the hood, you had a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine with 201 horsepower. It danced with an 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. While it gave you decent acceleration and handling, it wasn’t exactly a sports car in terms of power.

As for the ride quality, it was comfy enough for daily commutes and longer road trips. But, over rough roads, some reviewers mentioned that it could feel a bit on the firm side.

Safety was a strong suit for the ILX, with features like forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, lane-keeping assist, and adaptive cruise control coming standard.

Acura pitched the ILX as a more budget-friendly entry into the luxury sedan realm. So, if you were after that premium experience without blowing your budget, the ILX made a compelling case.

But, it wasn’t all roses. The 2021 Acura ILX got a mixed bag of reviews. While it had its price advantage and standard safety features, it faced some stiff competition from other compact luxury sedans that offered more cutting-edge tech and more oomph under the hood. So, if you were eyeing the 2021 ILX, it was smart to compare it to other similar models on the market and take it for a spin to see if it ticked all your boxes.


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