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Used Ford Fusion for Sale $12,900
Finance: $157/Month **
Used Mercedes-Benz C-Class for Sale $18,495
Finance: $225/Month **
Used BMW X5 for Sale $17,900
Finance: $218/Month **
Used Efini RX-7 for Sale $23,900
Finance: $290/Month **
Used BMW 6-Series for Sale $18,900
Finance: $230/Month **
Used BMW 3-Series for Sale $14,900
Finance: $181/Month **
Used Infiniti G35 for Sale $5,495
Finance: $67/Month **

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We offer a referral program where if you refer a family member, friend, co-worker whoever that might be and they purchase a used car through us we will give you $200 as the referral fee. Also, you can file your tax returns through us and that expected refund could actually go towards the down payment of the vehicle. It couldn't be better anywhere else than Philly Auto.

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